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Meet the Chiropractors

At Back to Living Chiropractic, our chiropractors on staff, Dr Louise Blair, Dr Anjali Patel and Dr. Jen Kim offer you the benefit of their expertise. We look forward to meeting you!

Meet Dr. Louise Blair (Chiropractor)

Dr Louise Blair (Chiropractor)
Discovering a Natural Solution
After experiencing years of painful headaches and missed time from school, a chiropractor transformed Louise’s life and set her on a new career path. She’d intended on becoming a neurosurgeon, but her experience with chiropractic changed her mind.

I was drawn to doing something different and walking to my own beat.

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She attended Macquarie University, where she’d been introduced to techniques such as Applied Kinesiology and Activator. There, she also discovered that chiropractic wasn’t just for pain relief.

It’s about improving the connection between brain and body. It can make such a difference in someone’s life.

Joining the Wellington Community
Since graduating, Louise has undertaken regular courses to continue learning. She is a Certified Posture Expert and is currently completing the Postural Neurology certification. As well as regular courses on nutrition, she has studied Torque Release Technique™, Applied Kinesiology and has a certification in Activator Methods®. Previously, she served as the Vice President of the NZ Chiropractors’ Association and is a member of the Stakeholders’ Advisory Committee for the New Zealand Chiropractic College.

Louise feels fortunate to have been practicing in Wellington for two decades.

I enjoy encountering our patients when I am out and about, seeing them going about their lives feeling and functioning so much better. Sometimes when I’m out with my kids, we greet so many people, they have asked do I know everybody!

Outside of the office, Louise and her blended family live a busy life. They ski in the winter, enjoy traveling, road cycling, tramping and love to be active.
Find out more about what we can do for you. Schedule your time for a complimentary assessment! One of our chiropractors will sit down with you to discuss your concerns and determine if we can help.

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Meet Dr. Anjali Patel (Chiropractor)

Dr. Anjali Patel
Always wanting to be a part of a profession where she could help people, Dr. Patel discovered chiropractic after learning a bit about the history of it. When she learned more about how it works to restore your body’s intelligent ability to heal itself, it became an incredible fit for her career and went along perfectly with one of her favourite quotes:

Every human being is the author of their own health – Buddha

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Dr. Patel attended and received her Chiropractic degree at New Zealand College of Chiropractic where her passion for the field blossomed even further. At Back to Living Chiropractic, she loves seeing miracles happen every day when it comes to her patients. Her ultimate goal for them is to help them better understand their health and how chiropractic care works to correct the underlying issues naturally and without drugs or surgery.

Outside of the Practice

When Dr. Patel isn’t changing lives at Back to Living Chiropractic, she enjoys dancing, something she’s been doing since she was just a toddler. She is also an avid netball player, whether it’s indoor or outside.

Get to know more about Dr. Patel when you book an appointment with her. We look forward to meeting you!

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Meet Dr. Jen Kim (Chiropractor)

Jen Kym
Reaping the Benefits of Chiropractic Care
Experiencing firsthand the incredible physical and mental benefits of chiropractic care, Jen was sold.

Once under chiropractic care, I started functioning and feeling my best. I didn’t have brain fog but instead had more awareness of myself, and I had fewer injuries. Now I don’t miss a single appointment with my chiropractor!

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The Appeal of Being a Chiropractor
Jen looks at life as being like a light bulb. “Over time the light bulb can get dirty and what happens? It starts to appear dim, and life doesn’t seem so bright and fun as it used to be. With chiropractic, the layers of dirt are removed one at a time. I love to see my patients’ eyes shine with the light of life because they are returning to health.”

Fulfilling Her Dreams in New Zealand
A native of the United States, Jen fulfilled her dream of moving to New Zealand to practice.

Chiropractic has allowed me to connect with others all around the world and brought me to the most beautiful community, landscape, and my wonderful chiropractic family at Back to Living Chiropractic.

Education and Additional Training
Before obtaining her Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan University, Jen earned a Bachelor of Science from Eastern Illinois University in the United States. She also has done extensive postdoctorate training in chiropractic pediatrics and acupuncture.

Taking the Time to Listen
When Jen was at Logan, she recalls talking to Jeff, one of the security guards there. “He mentioned that he was a skeptic of chiropractic. I asked him about his doubts or fears and he suggested that chiropractic is just about moving bones and questioned whether that hurt people. We talked for 30 minutes and long story short, four months later, I saw him sitting in the practice waiting to be seen by a chiropractor.” Just like Jen took the time to ask questions of Jeff and listen to him, she likewise ensures that she takes the time to listen to each of her patients to get the full scope of their issue.

Staying Active in Wellington
When she’s not at the practice, Jen stays busy as a member of the Thorndon Women’s Premiere 1 Tennis League and Squash Team. She also enjoys walking on the many wonderful trails in the community, watching fitness videos and food prepping. “I also love to lie in the sun while I read or nap.”
Jen also likes to give back by spending time at a local Wellington nursing home and making new friends. She also plans to create Family Day events and support local children’s sports teams.

If you’d like to optimise your health through natural chiropractic care, schedule an appointment at Back to Living Chiropractic today. We look forward to seeing you soon!
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