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Experienced Sciatica Chiropractors

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We understand how uncomfortable it is to experience sciatic pain that radiates into the buttocks and down the back of your leg to the toes. It usually comes from pinched nerves in the lower lumbar spine or Piriformis Syndrome. Other common causes of this painful condition include disc herniation or degenerated discs.

If neglected, the nerve irritation extends down one or both legs along the sciatic nerves. The pain appears in the leg, but the culprit is often the lower back!

The good news is that Dr Louise Blair (Chiropractor) are here to help. Call 04 499 7755 to book your complimentary spinal assessment now!

Chiropractic Care & Sciatica

When it comes to relieving sciatic nerve pain, many approach their condition by simply numbing the pain with medication. Though this may bring temporary pain relief and help you get through your day, it does not address the source of your sciatica or treat any underlying causes.

Unlike conventional medicine that focuses on treating sciatic pain once it occurs, chiropractic emphasises improving your health to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place.

We’ll start with a comprehensive exam to determine how best to help you. The cause of your back pain will be located, and our chiropractors will make a personalised plan for you to achieve the level of health you desire.

We have helped thousands of patients take their active lives back. You could be next. Don’t live with sciatic nerve pain – call 04 499 7755 to schedule your complimentary spinal assessment today.


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Experienced Sciatica Chiropractors in Wellington

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