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About Back to Living Chiropractic

Dr Louise Blair  and Dr Anjali Patel (Chiropractors) have a passion for sharing chiropractic care with those living and working in Wellington. It’s convenient and simple to visit us at any time during your work day. You’ll find you’re able to perform better at your job as well as in your home life!

Live with Vitality

We will provide you with excellent chiropractic health care in our state-of-the-art facility. We’re not your typical reserved and impersonal doctor’s office. You’ll find we’re committed to helping you find not only a solution but a full resolution of your health care concerns. Our team and our patients are happy, energetic, motivated and bursting with vitality!

Our Practice Philosophy

The simple principle behind chiropractic is that if the brain and nervous system is working well and can talk to the body without interference, you have the best chance possible to be healthy, full of energy and to manage your life well. We help people be resilient and bounce back from health challenges – whether that is aches & pains, injuries or more chronic health challenges. If the nervous system is working optimally, then you can heal and feel great. By removing interferences in the nervous system, chiropractic can improve the health of the entire person, not just the physical problem.

The Vital Brain-body Connection

Chiropractic doesn’t address your symptoms. Symptoms aren’t the cause of sickness or disease. Simply removing these symptoms won’t make your problem go away. Instead, chiropractic works to correct the cause of your symptoms. Our focus on the brain-body connection will help your spine and body work better, activating the body’s natural healing abilities. Current scientific research continues to demonstrate the role of the nervous system in all matters of health.

Find out how we may be able to improve your quality of life by contacting us today!


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